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We make impossible possible.

Let’s develop a solution together

All our services are based on listening to the customer: how can we together improve your business with digital solutions? We help with any difficulties related to digitalisation and solve problems that might feel impossible to solve.

Goals were definitely met. Taito employees had a top notch attitude. It was a whole new problem that no one had solved before. Their attitude was that now we solve this and then they did. Bulls eye on the cooperation!

Niko Korte

Director Digital Business Development, SSAB

Grafiikka ideasta analyysien ja työkalujen kautta ratkaisuksi, joka voidaan laukaista

Designing and planning of new digital services

Want to try a new business idea? We help with human centered service concepting and develop a pilot for testing rapidly. Successful pilots we integrate as a part of your business model.

A project could proceed for example like this
  • Together we make sense of the challenge at hand and define project goals

  • We familiarize ourselves with the context and users through interviews or other participatory activities.

  • We conceptualize the solution and create a light prototype for testing

  • We continue planning and development until we reach a stellar solid result

Case Metso | MetsoLisänopeutta kokoonpanoon
Työkaluja ja teknologioita innovatiivisesti näytön edessä

Continuous product and service development

Want to develop your existing services? We update your services technologies, improve user experience, modernice user interface, build a new software module… We have a solution to any digital problem you have.

Characteristics of our development services
  • Quick to respond and a committed team

  • Maintenance and continuous development

  • Working together with client personnel

  • Entity management and control

Case TEHO | RakennustietoTEHOkasta rakentamista
Kuvituskuva robotista, joka analysoi dataa pilvessä ja soveltaa sitä älykkäästi

Artificial intelligence to boost your business

Want to get more out of your data? With our KAIRA service you get a prototype in 3 weeks, and can find out how artificial intelligence can be used in your business. All we need is data and a relevant question.

KAIRA investigation proceeds as follows
  • At the starting workshop together we define the data to work on and project goals

  • We generate test data together with you within one day

  • We create a prototype of an artificial intelligence application that allows you to see what artificial intelligence can get out of your data

  • We present the results and make a follow-up proposal

Case SmartSteel | SSABÄlyä terästuotantoon


Let’s find out how we can work together!

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