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Skillful and fair partner for digital ventures

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Taito United was founded in 2011 to help customers to develop in the constantly moving digital world. From the beginning we have wanted to be a down to earth partner, who is easy to talk with.

Our teams combine skilled young talents with industry's best experienced knowledge. We believe this to be the most optimal way to create innovative digital services. Our operating model strongly includes customers and end users in solution planning and brainstorming.

We want to create the best possible software for our customers and offer the best possible workplace for our employees. These core purposes have carried us to great successes and led us to long partnerships and lasting employment relationships.

"Skill is the ability to do something exceptionally well. Here at Taito that skill is making digital services of the future."

Tuomas Kaipainen, Toimitusjohtaja


  • Joanna Mehtälä

    Joanna Mehtälä, Lead Designer

    "I am responsible for design at Taito: I am continuously evolving our working methods in the field of service concepting and UX design. Actual design work is done by facilitating workshops with our customers, designing user interface prototypes, and testing them together with target users. During my years at Taito, I have been able to shape my role and develop my own unique skillset by experimenting with different design methods. My ideas have been listened to and supported at every turn. Join the top team to design the digital world of the future!"

  • Jukka Keski-Luopa

    Jukka Keski-Luopa, Teknologiajohtaja

    "As Chief Technology Officer, I am responsible for the technical practices used in projects, which include cloud architectures, quality assurance, data security, systems management, DevOps automation, and technology-specific programming practices. In projects, I also work as a system architect and offer my support to software developers with the most challenging implementations. At Taito we pull together and constantly work together to think about how things could be done better."

  • Henri Thor-Touch

    Henri Thor-Touch, Projektipäällikkö

    "As a project manager at Taito, I am constantly solving interesting challenges with great colleagues. I help solve challenges through service design, Agile coaching, and requirements specification. At Taito, everyone is a team player, even if someone might be doing some project by themself. Help and support can be obtained by asking anyone and there are no stupid questions. We have an open, helpful, and positively filled atmosphere that carries us through all challenges."

  • Janne Kario

    Janne Kario, Full-Stack Developer

    "At Taito I have the possibility to move flexibly between project management, software architecture work and specification work. There is also always the opportunity to dive deep into coding and solving technical challenges. Programming will always be that great passion of mine and here it is possible to do so without drifting into the role of software architect or a manager."

Should you join us?

Responsibility, freedom, genuinely interesting and agile projects with today's technologies. Caring co-workers and a relaxed work atmosphere. This and more is Taito!

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  • Tuomas Kaipainen

    Tuomas Kaipainen


    +358 40 501 1553
  • Antti Seppänen

    Antti Seppänen

    Commercial Director

    +358 50 529 4558
  • Henri Thor-Touch

    Henri Thor-Touch

    Development Manager

    +358 45 652 6846
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