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We create digital services

We design and build digital services of the future to support business, using human-centric methodologies and utilizing the latest technologies..

Our areas of expertise

Kuvituskuva ideasta analyysien ja työkalujen kautta ratkaisuksi, joka voidaan julkaista

Designing and developing new digital services

With our human-centric service design methods you can rapidly develop a pilot for actually trying out the service with your clients. Successful pilots are then fitted and integrated to your current business model..

Digital services
Innovative tools and technology at your fingertips

Continuous product and service development

We upgrade your technologies, improve user experience, modernize your user interfaces, build new functionality… We have a solution to all your digital problems..

Product development
An illustration of a robot that analyzes data in the cloud and applies it intelligently

Artificial intelligence to boost your business

With our KAIRA service you get a prototype in 3 weeks, and can find out how artificial intelligence can be used in your business. All we need is data and a relevant question.

Artificial intelligence

Promises to our customers

  1. 1. Quality software

    We use modern technology and design services intelligently, listening to the user. Professional pride does not allow us to compromise on quality - we do not build quick and easy solutions, instead we build the best in the industry.

  2. 2. Agility and Openness

    Our 30 person team is flexible and quick to respond. When it comes to communication, we are open and honest - using our expertise to suggest only the best and fairest solution.

  3. 3. Satisfaction and Outcome

    According to customer experience research our Net Promoter Score is 79 - a top score in itself (in scale from -100 to 100) and compared to technology industry's average (42). Customer oriented development is an inherent way for us to work.

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Some of our customers

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